Old Wizard – Voice Pack

126 Old wizard vocal sound effects interpreted by a professional voice actor

  • Royalty free game art

Old Wizard – Voice Pack

223 old wizard vocal sound effects interpreted by a professional voice actor, divided in:

– Dialogues: Different and varied dialogue lines.

– Attacking (different intensities)

– Emotions (laughs, angry, etc..)

– Suffering attacks (different intensities)

– Efforts

– Breathings

🔊 YouTube Preview – Listen to the tracks: https://youtu.be/l5dt-u3VNxU

📜 Tracklist PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DqGop4RQnrO6StHDZkFKVe69s5mighku/view

(optional) 🔊 Listen to the track individually on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/potion-audio/old-wizard-voice-pack

This pack can be complemented with: https://gameartpartners.com/downloads/audio-alchemists-character-voice-bundle/

More about the pack:

– This SFX are also suitable for other races like elves.

– Intuitive file naming.

– All you’ll ever need regarding old wizard vocal sounds.


All files are in:

WAV – Stereo 44.1 Khz, 16bit

[Use them again & again]

Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.

If you want variations of the SFX you are allowed to alter pitch, tones, etc… For your projects.

[Professional audio services]

For custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: audioalchemiststore@gmail.com

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File Formats:
WAV: 44.1Khz / 16 bit
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