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Lushly designed, this Adobe Animate / Flash animated character includes the following sequences.... Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3 Breath (Idle) Death Hit Walk Cycle Includes PNG sequences, Adobe Illustrator,…

This Pack contains 12 awesome "Level Up" Skill FX, perfect for any isometric or 2d base games.

An cleverly designed royalty free alien bug. Includes animation sequences in Adobe Animate / Flash format!

A complete package of top down viewed Middle-ages themed tower defense game art!

A complete package of tile-able game art. Great setting for a "road to town" type theme.

Its the boss!! Quick, close Facebook. Look busy.

A complete package of spaceship themed platform / side scroller art capable of making dozens of exciting levels in your next app or game.

Bow before this Samurai. A great addition to any of your apps or games.

Eep. Vikings!!! Includes three fully animated characters in a micro style perfect for levels intended for small minion-like characters.

Twelve animated FX for apps or games.

A royalty free, 2d platform game art package capable of building countless levels.

With more than 30 animations and 4 different skins, the Dark Thief is a must have for every game developer.

Dead of Night Character Bundle - Royalty Free Game Art

A brand new bundle of eight (mostly gruesome) characters!  Find out more here.

New work from our best selling artists

Check out three of Zuhria’s latest additions to his huge collection of character art!

Free Game Art, Level Art, Character Art

Stock up on some free game art assets before we wise up and actually sell these!

The Super Sprite Bundle 1

This month we’re highlighting our first bundle by Zuhria, the Super Sprite Bundle 1. Can you believe he’s got 4 more bundles!? This very first one combines 9 art packages into one amazingly low-priced bundle. Get all 9 for as low as $39!

Monster Character Bundle - Royalty Free Game Art

 Don’t let the monsters in your next app or game underwhelm your players. Buy as a bundle and have plenty to work with!

Hand Painted Platform Set - Bundle 2 of Royalty Free Game Art

This bundle includes 5 hand-painted platformer tile sets, which you can use to create hundreds of levels in a side-scroller style game.


Level Art

Art Packages from our Newest Contributors

Uniquely Cool Characters

Soldiers of Fortune!

Like Free Stuff? Of course you do…

Royalty Free Medieval Characters Get all the characters above, plus more every month with a Yearly Subscription to CartoonSmart our sister site, for just $99 per year. Subscribers can use the art in an unlimited number of apps!  Or purchase them one at a time below…

Looking for the perfect GUI?…

Every game designer knows a good user interface maketh the game. Here’s a few recently added ones, or go here to browse them all

Royalty Free Game Art Made with Adobe Flash

Lovingly Made with Adobe Flash!

These five game art character sets come from an amazing artist, Mike Mac (also known here as The PushupMaster), who draws and animates with Adobe Flash. So buyers not only get exported PNG files, they also get the original .FLA files to try their hand at re-animating the original vector art

The Super Sprite Bundle 2 - Royalty Free Game Art Collection

Save over $90 when you buy all these art packages together. Below are just a few included in the Super Sprite Bundle 2

Hand Painted Platform Set Bundle 1

Save on each of the hand-painted platform sets below when you buy them in a bundle.


Red leader, I’m going in! Create endless ships with modular-style art packages….

Role Playing Game Art - Royalty Free Characters

Get 30 characters and countless weapons with our RPG Character Bundle!

Mechanized Warfare!

Who doesn’t love robots going at it! Stock up on Mech units and some great level art to battle them in.

iOS Starter Kit Free

Limited Time Discount!

Subscribe to CartoonSmart’s Yearly Subscription service and get….

  • The Fantastic World’s iOS Starter Kit ($149 value)
  • 7 Fully Animated Character Packages and 2 more each month from AFR_Artist
  • And last but far from least,  access to CartoonSmart’s entire site. This includes thousands of video tutorials (comprising 500 hours), and hundreds of source projects and examples (a huge resource for game and app developers)

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