When you need to frighten your enemies with more of a "pew pew" sound instead of a loud "bang bang", the Futuristic Weapons collection is the art for you.

The Modern Weapons Pack includes 20 high-quality 2D flat weapons sprites for your game or any other graphic element. As usual, all royalty free.

Go medieval on some axes. This royalty-free art collection has 20 swords, axes and bows to suit up the characters in your next period-piece app.

Catapult enemies into the stratosphere with this group of medieval contraptions.

The first of three medieval style War Machine packs is now available to start annihilating your game's characters!

Add this modern weapon art as icons in the GUI, or part of the game itself.

Totally free weapon art for slicing and dicing lesser foes in your app or game!

 Free Pixel Game Art

Are you a Udemy teacher? New instructional licenses available!