War Machines – Pack One

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

The first of three medieval style War Machine packs is now available to start annihilating your game’s characters!  This royalty-free 2D game art character package includes Adobe Flash files, Adobe Illustrator files and exported PNG sequences of each animation at 1x and 2x sizes. Sources files are all vector-based, and the Adobe Flash files are ready for more animation or re-export at different sizes.

1x and 2x Exported PNG Sequences include:

  • Idle (all 4 machines)
  • Moving (the 2 machines with wheels)
  • Firing (all 4 machines)
  • Breaking (all 4 machines)

The frames for each object’s animation are the sized the same.  For example, all canon animations have the same size (we know this is useful for you game developers).

.Atlas Files

This package includes .atlas folders of each animation sequence, to make it easy to drop the png sequences into Xcode and start using them in your iOS apps right away. If you develop on a different platform, you’ll find these folders of each animation just as useful.

Fantastic Worlds Starter Kit Files

For buyers of CartoonSmart’s Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, we’ve even included a Property List file to copy and paste the entire Object dictionary which references each set of .atlas folders. This Property List also includes settings for each object and projectile as they appear in the example video below. So for example, wheeled machines will roll toward the character and attack when within a certain range or go idle when out of range. Stationary machines will fire intermittently. You can change any of these properties as needed, to alter the difficulty of the object, change the vectors of the projectiles,  or just add your own little twist.

This makes it incredibly easy to copy and paste everything into the kit and get started owning players right away.

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File Formats:
Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Flash | PNG
Animation Sequences:
Idle | Moving (on wheeled-objects) | Firing | Defeated

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