Ready to make money off work you love creating anyway?

This is not your typical stock illustration site or clip art dumping ground.  We want to sell great game art. Period. If your work is sold here, you’re representing our brand, which is why we want specific assets. If you have a character you drew ten years ago that “maybe could” work for a game, don’t bother uploading it. We want characters meant for games, that are ready to run, jump, shoot, or whatever. Here’s what we’re looking for…

– Characters, the more animated they are the better.
– Interface art (GUI)
– Platform or level art
– Animated FX (explosions and such)
– Collections of game-related icons (for example, items that might appear in an inventory to equip, like Health)
– Anything else specifically related to games.

If you have art to sell that falls into those categories, take two seconds to show us your work.  If we like what we see, we will create an Artist account for you. From there you can visit the Assets Upload page here. And if you want some suggestions on new artwork to create, let us know. We’ll be glad to suggest some items that buyers are looking for.

So what about payment? Revenue sharing for all artists begins at 50%, and unlike sites like GraphicRiver or iStockPhoto, we don’t require exclusivity either! You’re free to sell anywhere else.

Your address to receive payments at.
IMPORTANT - Link to your portfolio / current products. If you don't show us something great, your application will NOT be approved. Choose wisely, what you enter here.
Any extra links you would like to show us or questions you might have. If you already have game art related products for sale in another store, we'd love to see those links. Keep in mind, we aren't setting up vendor accounts for artists that don't already have something to sell. So now's your time to shine and show us the next great thing for our catalog.

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