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Water !! A brand new collection of 3 beautifully animated water FX

All you need to create an exciting action RPG game with graphics featuring every retro gamers favorite style: pixel art!

Six Sci-fi style buttons for your game or app. As always, all royalty free and gorgeously illustrated.

A collection of jurassic, nature, and dinosaur themed game character sprites for creating 2D side scrolling games.

A fully animated, hand painted style Roman Legionnaire character set for use in 2D side scrolling games.

Four royalty free game art backgrounds. Each seamlessly crafted, pixel art styled backgrounds, includes: Forest, Snow, Mountain and Beach scenes.

With this hand painted royalty free game art character set you can create a whole army of goblins for your game!

A sewer filled 2D game background with parallax effect and tile-able horizontally.

This royalty free game art package includes two medieval themed knights at one fantastic price. Double the knights, double the fun.

Get ready for a showdown with this intense GUI pack. A kick-butt color theme, for your next high-adrenaline game or app!

A beautifully spooky, royalty free game art pixel background. Great for epic battles at the end of our level or game.

A beautiful sunset, made of glorious pixels. The perfect background art, designed at 320W x 208H pixels, for classic RPG games. The downloadable file contains the ready to use background PNG…

This background is so....spook-ky-ky-ky-ky... (that sounds leads into a jazz riff). Speaking of, jazz up your game's levels with this gorgeous hand-painted style background set!

The Lava Fountains contain 10 beautiful waterfall-like lava flows, each effect is contains 24 frames of looping animation.

One of the bravest zombies we've ever met. The first to jump on a grenade to protect his other zombie soldiers. We salute you sir.

The 4th in our "Tiny Zombie" game art collection. A loving, adoring housewife. Until the zombie apocalypse made her love and adore eating brains instead.

A HUGE collection of 50 awesome particles effects exported into loop-able animations.

The third in our "Tiny Zombie" collection. This one sports an anime style hair-do and a sweet axe to grind!

Another in our "Tiny Zombie" collection. This one affectionately named the Scar Forehead Zombie. He actually had the scar before the zombie plague.

A brand new collection of 12 realistic special effects exported into PNG sequences.

A rugged looking, paleolithic-age game art character. Great for smashing glyptodons - better dumb that down some - giant turtles.

A fun, family friendly royalty free game art Ghost character holding a scythe.

So strong in spirit, he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Add Porky "Porkins" Porkenstein to your next app or game to sit on the bad guys.

Cabbage Patch Village owns him a debt of gratitude after single handedly fighting off the extremists looking to enslave their quant town. Imagine what he could do in your game.

He's tiny, he's cute. He's a soldier, so be respectful and don't pinch his cheeks!  This fully animated, royalty free game art character will make a great little hero in…

The second mummy in our "Tiny" series of cute, fully animated, royalty free game art characters.

He's tiny, he's cute. He's a mu-mu-mummy! And a fully animated, royalty free game art character.

This royalty free game art package contain 10 realistic explosion effects exported into animation sequences.

A Jack of all trades, master of one: Thugging. Add him to your next game to strong arm the peasants!

The Exposed Brain Zombie makes a great gross-out character for your next app or game. Who'd want to touch that!?

The Adventure Boy, royalty free game art character, is a hero at heart, but always up for a little mischief. Add him to your next app or game and see…

A royalty free game art package including four top-down viewed characters, with animations in front, back, left and right directions! A rare find at a great price!

A beautiful hand-painted throne room style background, great for games with RPG or medieval adventures themes.

Don't fight this guy with an arrow on fire. He eats fire for breakfast. Add this treant character to your next RPG app or game!

Includes 9 buttons and an empty button for: Play, Ratings, Replay, Achievements, and more.

A collection of 15 awesome special effects exported into PNG sequenced animations.

He's a boss alright. Think Lumberg but as an alien. So get those TPS reports ready. And your heros ready to avoid work for this guy in your next app…

Incoming transmission *All your base are belong to us*. Enslave all humans in your next app or game with this royalty free game art package.

A pixel based platformer game pack, in a layered PSD file, including 32 by 32 blocks. Includes a player, trap, and plenty of world building blocks. Package does not included…

A collection of 12 awesome game effects exported into animations.

This royalty free game art pack contains 5 vector based 2D backgrounds with parallax effect tile-able horizontally.

Head are going to roll if your game character messes with this dude. A great bad guy for your next app or game.

Suit up, level up, trade out that battle bow for a much less wimpy battle sword. This royalty free package has plenty of game art for your next RPG game

A collection of 25 realistic science fiction style special effects exported into animations. Great for energy bursts, beams, or other space-age FX.

The Village Platformer Set includes high quality pixel-like sprites for endless runners, platform games or puzzle games.

A collection of various characters spritesheets for creating a 2D top down, RPG, tower defense, or other similar game.

This Pack contains 100 beautiful crafted 16x16 pixel perfect Food Items/icons with a 16-bit look.

A beautiful sunny pixel art background perfect for classic RPG games

A beautiful Autumn-themed pixel art background perfect for classic RPG games.

Blow some stuff up (and in style) in your next app or game, with these amazingly cool 2D explosions and fire FX. Adobe Flash fils included!

A full package of both characters and tile-able art for any number of winter themed games.

Horrible, ugly, mean. And those are his good qualities. No one will want to mess with the Dungeon Guard in your next app or game.

An atmospheric pixel art forest. Seamlessly loop-able,  layered, and great for parallax effects. Ready to use PNG files and working PSD file included for easy manipulation.

Its daylight now, but what happens at night! Make the characters in your next game figure that out all on their own!

A pixel art style, magical castle environment in the vein of Metroid or other classic retro games.

A complete set of graphical user interface elements to build a 2D mobile game or PC game.

Four amazingly animated zombies characters, PLUS a bonus background! Royalty free game art doesn't get any more affordable than this!

A stunning, Japanese Garden style tile set. Great for adventure games, puzzle games, or any 2D platformer.

A great platform set for suntanning your game's characters...Or running them around like crazy getting attacked by giant worms. You decide.

A collection of 10 beautiful game effects exported into loop-able animations.

Our third volume of glorious, royalty free game explosion effects.

Add this gorgeous handprinted Goblin character to your next app or game!

A domain of evil it is. In you must go. And into your game, this lava cave must go too. Great for epic battles.

Prep your next Christmas themed app now, with 5 silly zombie characters. Great for family games with a wee-bit of scare!

Get 5 Egyptian themed zombie game characters for your next game or app.

Ho, ho, ho. Its time to face the boss level. Featuring you know who, Big Bad Santa. Add these three characters to your next game, for some holiday fun!

A 10 Volume Bundle, capable of blowing your mind (but not your wallet). Pick up this MASSIVE collection of game FX, and be stocked up for the game art apocalypse.

A collection of 14 awesome special effects for games exported into animations. All FX include 16 frames of eye-sizzling animation and have been exported to sprite sheets PNG sequences. Single…

A collection of 10 moving, grooving, vibrant game effects exported into sequential images to easily add to your next game or app.

He may never utter a word, as he watches over the kingdoms of your game. But don't think him any less wiser.

This caped character is no super hero. Equipped only with the Dragon Blade he will conquer all (or die trying) in your next app or game.

A collection of 7 vibrant particles effects sure to light up the action in your next app or game!

A lush, 2D game background capable of hypnotic tillable, parallax effects.

Well, maybe they were good pirates before they turned into zombies. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Get 5 zombies for the price of 1. This pack of zombie character art will make a great addition to your next app or game.

Get 30 hand drawn isometric assets in this incredibly detailed level art package.

Its not the heat, its the humidity. Or no, wait, is it the heat? Well something kills ya in the desert. Found out when you get this royalty free level…

Amazing FX for your next app or game. A little bit of magic in each!

Blow the fudge out of game characters in your next app!

These cunning goblins love money, explosives, and modern technology: like wooden bats with nails. Great additions to your next app our game!

Oh sick. Three ugly Orcs. Kill them for any reason you can think of! Thats probably what the players in your next game will think when they see these uggos.

Worthy of being a shapeless, yet powerful entity trying to take over the Star Trek Enterprise, each of these FX will add some fun to your next app or game.

Eye-popping animated visual FX for your next app or game.

A collection of 12 animated smoke-filled explosion FX, sure to knock the socks off the characters in your next app or game.

When these guys aren't freelance mercenaries for Greenpeace or PETA, they can whoop butt in your next app or game.

Have these soldiers gone commando? You decide when you add them to your next app or game.

Since when do ninjas have shotguns? Since now. Boom. Deal with that. Check out these guys for your next app or game.

Calling all Space Squad captains. Report to sector 8 for, reconfubaliting the whatcha majigger before --- aww, whatever. Just check out this awesome character for your next app!

Monster Character Bundle - Royalty Free Game Art

Don’t let the monsters in your next app or game underwhelm your players. Buy as a bundle and have plenty to work with!

The Super Sprite Bundle 5 is a royalty-free game art collection with 6 character sets, one platform tile sets, two GUI sets and one holiday speciality pack.

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free royalty free game art

Get 18 royalty free characters to use in an unlimited number of apps, plus more every month with a Yearly Subscription to CartoonSmart our sister site, for just $99 per year.  Or purchase them one at a time below…

Dead of Night Character Bundle - Royalty Free Game Art

A brand new bundle of eight (mostly gruesome) characters!  Find out more here.

New work from our best selling artists

Check out three of Zuhria’s latest additions to his huge collection of character art!

Free Game Art, Level Art, Character Art

Stock up on some free game art assets before we wise up and actually sell these!

The Super Sprite Bundle 1

This month we’re highlighting our first bundle by Zuhria, the Super Sprite Bundle 1. Can you believe he’s got 4 more bundles!? This very first one combines 9 art packages into one amazingly low-priced bundle. Get all 9 for as low as $39!

Hand Painted Platform Set - Bundle 2 of Royalty Free Game Art

This bundle includes 5 hand-painted platformer tile sets, which you can use to create hundreds of levels in a side-scroller style game.


Level Art

Art Packages from our Newest Contributors

Uniquely Cool Characters

Soldiers of Fortune!

Looking for the perfect GUI?…

Every game designer knows a good user interface maketh the game. Here’s a few recently added ones, or go here to browse them all

Royalty Free Game Art Made with Adobe Flash

Lovingly Made with Adobe Flash!

These five game art character sets come from an amazing artist, Mike Mac (also known here as The PushupMaster), who draws and animates with Adobe Flash. So buyers not only get exported PNG files, they also get the original .FLA files to try their hand at re-animating the original vector art

The Super Sprite Bundle 2 - Royalty Free Game Art Collection

Save over $90 when you buy all these art packages together. Below are just a few included in the Super Sprite Bundle 2

Hand Painted Platform Set Bundle 1

Save on each of the hand-painted platform sets below when you buy them in a bundle.


Red leader, I’m going in! Create endless ships with modular-style art packages….

Role Playing Game Art - Royalty Free Characters

Get 30 characters and countless weapons with our RPG Character Bundle!

Mechanized Warfare!

Who doesn’t love robots going at it! Stock up on Mech units and some great level art to battle them in.


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