War Machines – Pack Two

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

The second of three medieval style War Machine packs is now available to start annihilating your game’s characters!  This royalty-free 2D game art character package includes Adobe Flash files, Adobe Illustrator files and exported PNG sequences of each animation at 1x and 2x sizes. Sources files are all vector-based, and the Adobe Flash files are ready for more animation or re-export at different sizes.

War Machines Included:

  • Ballista
  • Catapult
  • Fire Spitter


  • Deadly Platform
  • Spikes

1x and 2x Exported PNG Sequences include:

  • Idle (Ballista, Catapult, Fire Spitter)
  • Moving (Ballista, Catapult, Deadly Platform)
  • Firing (Ballista, Catapult, Fire Spitter)
  • Breaking (Ballista, Catapult, Fire Spitter)

The frames for each object’s animation are the sized the same.  For example, all ballista animations have the same size (we know this is useful for you game developers).

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File Formats:
Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Flash | PNG | Fantastic Worlds Properties
Animation Sequences:
Idle | Moving (on wheeled-objects) | Firing | Defeated
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Lifetime access through Game Art Partners. Download instantly.

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