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For all you awesome buyers of CartoonSmart’s Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, here’s a quick guide to integrating any characters you’ve bought through the site that are created by us (and thus, ready to go for the FW Kit). Your post-purchase zip file will contain, exported PNG sequences, Atlas folders with those PNG sequence (those are the .atlas folders), a Property List to copy and paste dictionary data from, and finally any extra images that might be referenced by the character or the character’s weapon (so this might be images like grenade.png and grenade@2x.png). The image below shows the parent folders of what you’ll typically receive in a character bundle that’s already  integrated with the Fantastic Worlds kit. Keep in mind the PNG exports can be used with countless other app development softwares as well.


1. Drag and drop the .atlas folders into Xcode. Be sure to check Copy Items into Destination Group’s folder (if needed). And be sure Add to Targets has Quest checked on. This will add the character’s animation sequences as a resource.

2. The Property List (For example Bro2.plist)  will contain dictionaries organized in the same structure as those in the GameData.plist in the Xcode project for the Fantastic Worlds Kit.  Select and copy the entire dictionary for a character (as seen in the screen shot below).

3. Paste the dictionary into the kit’s Characters dictionary in the GameData.plist (see the screenshot below).

4. The kit now has the character ready!  Do the same thing for the items in the Weapons and Collectibles dictionary. The Weapons dictionary might use a weapon not included in the kit by default, so if there are images files in the WeaponArt folder (for example, grenade.png and grenade@2x.png)  you can drag and drop those into the Images.xcassets folder. The kit has a bullet and grenade image already set in the Images.xcassets folder, but you can replace those with your own images too.

5. You’re almost ready for a quick test. Next we just need to tell a level to start with this new character. Unfold your Levels dictionary, pick a level, then go to CharactersForThisLevel > NewPrimaryCharacter and for the Name property set it to the dictionary of the character your brought in. For example, Bro2.

6. Hit Run!  Keep in mind, the physics in the kit will never run full speed on the Simulator, so always test on your device.



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