2D Modern Military Aircrafts

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  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
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  • Royalty free game art

90 military aircraft sprites for your shmup or strategy game.


  • 90 hand-drawn sprites (9 aircrafts in 10 color versions each) as transparent PNG files
  • 10 color versions of each aircraft: from camouflage to plain colors, hand-picked to suit each plane model
  • Each sprite has an average height of 1k pixels, except the huge bomber, which is almost 2.5k pixels high
  • Set of projectiles: bullets, rockets, bombs, provided with PSD source file and as transparent PNG files
  • Layered PSD files to further customize the sprites and make them unique to your game: add your own decals, change the colors, resize, add filters and effects...etc.

Set of 9 fighter jets and bombers with 10 color versions each, to use in your top-down shoot-them-up or strategy game.

Every sprite was hand-drawn at a high resolution in order to look great on any screen resolution (desktop, mobile or TV).

PSD files are provided so you can easily add your own decals to the vehicles, change colors, and create sprites unique to your game.

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