Another Ugly Zombie – Game Art Character

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

Suppose you’ve got one ugly zombie in your app. Well isn’t it about time for ANOTHER ugly zombie. Royalty free game! For horror games, adventure platformers, RPG’s and more.

This pack include the following animations:

  • Attack (12 frames)
  • Death (12 frames)
  • Dizzy (10 frames)
  • Hurt (10 frames)
  • Idle (10 frames)
  • Run (12 frames)
  • Run-Attack (12 frames)
  • Walk (12 frames)

Full Editable – Easy to Modify – High Resolution

The large size of the charavter is 580px high. The pack include 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Low.

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  • File Formats: PNG| Adobe Photoshop
  • Animation Sequences: Idle | Walking | Running | Firing Weapon | Melee Attack | Hurt / Stunned | Dying | Suited for Side-Scroller Views | See Description for More Details
  • Usage Example: View the Art in Action!
  • Artist is For Hire: Maybe.
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