Cactus – Character Sprite

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

The Cactus, royalty free character set. Great for adventure games, platformers, RPG and really, any place a roving cactus belongs.

This pack include the following animations:

  • Attack (10 frames)
  • Attack2 (10 frames)
  • Death (10 frames)
  • Hurt (10 frames)
  • Idle (10 frames)
  • Walk (10 frames)
  • Run (10 frames)

The large size of the charater is 490×620 pixels. The pack include 3 sizes: Large, Medium and Low.

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File Formats:
PNG| PNG Animated Sequences
Animation Sequences:
Idle | Walking | Running | Melee Attack | Hurt / Stunned | Dying | Suited for Side-Scroller Views | See Description for More Details

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