Character Set – The Guerrillas

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

A collection of various characters spritesheets for creating a 2D platformer or sidescroller game. Especially great for platformers with an action, military, soldier, or mercenary theme.


  • 4 guerrilla soldier characters
  • 22 animation states. Each with 10 frames.
  • Animations were created with Brashmonkey Spriter. Skeletal animation is available. As well as exported PNG sequence, for creating traditional sprite sheets.
  • Spriter Project .SCML file included, along with the body part images in .PNG format. Each image is a high-enough resolution for games.
  • The body parts are made with CorelDraw. Adobe Illustrator .AI and .EPS files are also included.
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File Formats:
PNG Animated Sequences| Original Art is Vector-Based| Adobe Illustrator| EPS| Corel Draw | Other (see description)
Animation Sequences:
Idle | Walking | Running | Firing Weapon | Melee Attack | Throwing| Crouched Throwing| Jumping | Crouching | Hurt / Stunned | Dying | Climbing| Suited for Side-Scroller Views

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