Chibi Knight

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A hero that is like no other, and none that will ever come again.  The Chibi Knight is cute, and yet at the same time very deadly. He is at your service to Rescue any damsel in distress, fight evil, or simply hack and slash.

Buyers get the source Flash files and export PNG sequences. With the Flash files, buyers can re-animate or re-export the following animations at any size they choose.

  • Death
  • Hit
  • Idle
  • Idle & Block
  • Jump
  • Jump & Attack
  • Jump & Block
  • Run
  • Run & Attack
  • Run & Block
  • Special
  • Walk
  • Walk & Attack
  • Walk & Block

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File Formats:
PNG| PNG Animated Sequences| Original Art is Vector-Based| Adobe Flash
Animation Sequences:
Idle | Walking | Running | Melee Attack | Secondary Melee Attack | Jumping | Hurt / Stunned | Collecting Item | Dying | Defending| Suited for Side-Scroller Views

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Lifetime access through Game Art Partners. Download instantly.

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