Coinlandia – Platform Tileset

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

This platform tile set contains plenty of 2d art to create a variety of levels with a classic family-friendly theme (and especially great for a coin-collection game). The source art work is vector based, and for your convenience  PNG files have been exported into separate files and one high resolution master sheet of every image. You’ll also receive a high quality background, which could be used in countless games.

The full list of file types include…

  • .ai
  • .cdr
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .tmx

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File Formats:
PNG | EPS | Adobe Illustrator | Original Art is Vector-Based | Other
Animation Sequences:
Coin spinning
Purchase Options:
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License details:
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