Ghost and Haunted Places Sound Effects Pack

    This is a collection of Ghost sounds and Haunted Places.

    You will find all sorts of Ghost manifestations. Screams from beyond, scary moaning and whispering, horrifying laughs, grunting lost souls or cries from the rising dead !
    This pack also includes a variety of spooky atmospheres, such as creepy cemeteries, scary background loops, haunted caves and so on.
    This album contains everything you need to illustrate your Haunted films and video games !

    All my sound effects are made using my own personal outdoors and indoors recordings, and my own artificially created sounds.
    For this album, I created artificially scary and Ghostly sounds and atmospheres using synthesizers, voice recordings, and plenty of creepy effects.
    I often use several layers of recordings to make my tracks sound deeper, more intense and more realistic.
    The reason I choose this approach is to create “larger than life sounds” which is often required in films, documentaries and video games to give a much stronger impact to a scene.

    This library contains 32 tracks for a total of 838 Mb. All files are stereo 24-bit 48kHz WAV format.

    list of Tracks and duration:
    Caverns – Unstable Haunted Mines – Loop 05:52
    Caverns Huge Unstable Caves – Loop 05:55
    Cemetery – Background only – Loop 02:24
    Cemetery – Light Version 04:01
    Cemetery Lullaby 01:21
    Cemetery Lullaby_With Background 01:47
    Cemetery Music and Atmosphere 04:05
    Deamon Scream 00:20
    Deamon Summoning 1 00:29
    Deamon Summoning 2 00:25
    Ghost Manifestation 1 – Scream from the Tomb 00:16
    Ghost Manifestation 2 – Moan from beyond 00:25
    Ghost Manifestation 03 – Moan and Whispers 00:20
    Ghost Manifestation 04 – Creepy Laugh from Beyond 00:20
    Ghost Manifestation 05 – Laughter from beyond 00:20
    Ghost Manifestation 06 – Crazy transformation laughter 00:21
    Ghost Manifestation 07 – Terrifying Demonic Scream from Beyond 00:25
    Ghost Manifestation 08 – Grunting Soul 00:21
    Ghost Manifestation 09 – Scream of Pain 00:24
    Ghost Manifestation 10 – A Whisper passing by 00:14
    Ghost Manifestation 11 – Several Ghosts are getting closer 00:20
    Ghost Manifestation 12 The Rise of the Dead 00:23
    Heavy Woden Door Opening 00:04
    Scary atmosphere 1 02:38
    Scary atmosphere 2 08:08
    Scary atmosphere 3 02:32
    Scary Background loop 1 02:02
    Scary Background loop 2 02:02
    Scary Background loop 3 02:02
    Scary Ghost Breath 1 00:08
    Scary Ghost Breath 2 00:06
    Secret Large Mechanic Door 00:07

    Tags: atmospheres , cemetery , creepy , dead , demon , eerie , ghost , horror , scary , terror ,

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