Magic Castle Pixel Art Environment

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

A pixel art style, magical castle environment. This package is a great tile-able set for creating hundreds of possible levels, in the vein of Metroid or other classic retro games.


  • Seamless loop-able and tile-able background.
  • Tile set at 16×16 pixels with elements to create: floor, ceiling, slopes, walls, blocks x 2, spike and water hazards.
  • Sprite Ornaments like shields, armours, framed pictures, doors, tables, chairs, pots, skeletons bones,crates, hanging candelabrums.
  • Animations for water and torches.

Tags: adventure , background , castle , dungeon , fantasy , medieval , metroidvania , pixelart , platform , sprite , tileset , torch ,

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Torch and water Animated
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