Pirate Zombies Character Set

  • Royalty free game art

Get 5 awesome zombie 2D game characters for your next game or app. Preview some of the animations here.


  • Walk
  • Attack
  • Dying
  • Idle

Included Files:

  • Ai
  • Eps
  • Png
  • Spriter

Vector files included use Adobe Illustrator to modify the files. Note: Ai and Eps files only include the body parts. Animations are done using Spriter, but included are high resolution PNG sequences for every animation.

All sequences are rendered in high resolution PNG format with the dimensions of 800x800px and properly aligned for each animation.


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File Formats:
PNG | AI | EPS | Spriter
Animation Sequences:
Walk | Idle | Attack | Die

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Lifetime access through Game Art Partners. Download instantly.

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