Seamless Snow Area Platformer Tileset

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

Seamless Snow Platformer Tileset – 2D Game Tileset

48 by 48 pixels 2D game platformer seamless tileset suitable for any platformer games, including endless runner type games. Common objects, pickups and obstacles included (see list below).

Vector files included are EPS (open with Adobe Illustrator), SVG (for Inkscape) and AFDesign (for Affinity Designer user). No AI files included.

  • Object List (Not everything listed here) :
  • Ground tiles
  • Ladder tiles
  • Obstacle tiles
  • Water tiles
  • Moving platform tiles
  • Cave door tiles
  • Ornament tiles
  • Portal tiles
  • Rope tiles
  • Keys
  • Chests
  • Pickups (apple, orange, watermelon, meat, coins, energy, star, heart)
  • Spring
  • Jugs/ Jars
  • Switch
  • Background elements

The main file formats included are :

  • .AFDESIGN (for Affinity Designer user)
  • .EPS (for Adobe Illustrator user)
  • .SVG (for Inkscape user)
  • .PNG (48×48 pixels)

Features :

  • 100% vector source
  • Parallax separated background ready


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  • File Formats: Array
  • Animation Sequences: .AFDESIGN | .EPS (for Adobe Illustrator user) | .SVG | .PNG
  • Artist is For Hire: Inquire
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