Special FX Vol. 6

  • Royalty free game art

A collection of 11 awesome particles effects exported into animations. All FX include 24 frames of eye-sizzling animation and have been exported to sprite sheets and PNG sequences. Single frame dimensions are 256×256 and sprite sheet pixel dimensions 1280×1280. Seperate PNG also included.

For a preview of the animation,  please visit this link.

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Light your next game or app on fire with these 10 looping fire FX. Great for explosions or adding some dire ambience to the background of your game.

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30 brain sizzling, electric Kool-Aid FX, to melt your player's eyes out of their sockets. Or just you know, shoot off some flares, or whatever.

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A collection of 25 awesome particles effects exported into loop-able sprite sheets and PNG sequences.

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