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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I noticed a lot of the gallery images have a consistent style. Is there a style guide?

A: Thanks for noticing, and yes, here are our guides to creating Gallery Images and guide to Featured Images. If you are an artist, looking to sell on the site, please read both.

Q: What is the commission rate on sales?

A: We have one commission rate, 50%. We don’t ask for any kind of exclusivity with our artists either. We don’t want one. Read why at our Fair Payment Policy page.

Q: I’m not sure how to price my art, can you help?

A: Yes, get in touch with us (through your Vendor Dashboard) and ask us what you think is a good price point for a specific product. Just let us know if the art is already for sale, or if it is waiting to be approved. If you want a hint: price lower and go for more sales.

Q: I noticed I can offer multiple pricing options. What is acceptable / expected here?

A: Unless your artwork is free (and it can be), you’ll want to set at least one pricing option. For example…

Incredi-Boy Character – 10 Animated Poses: Price $30

You can also set multiple prices based on the usage. For example…

Incredi-Boy Character – 10 Animated Poses – For use in a single app: Price $30
Incredi-Boy Character – 10 Animated Poses – For use in 2-4 apps: Price $45 

If you’ve got something free or super cheap to sell, consider asking for Tips. For example…

GUI – 10 Icons – Free
GUI – 10 Icons – Tip Jar: $1
GUI – 10 Icons – Super Tipper: $3 

Since you can completely customize the pricing, you can also offer pre-paid additions to the art. For example…

Incredi-Boy Character – 10 Animated Poses – For use in a single app: Price $30
Incredi-Boy Character – 10 Animated Poses PLUS 5  custom animations of similar length at the buyer’s request: Price $99 

The buyer will be given your email after the order, and you’ll deal directly with them. Since GameArtPartners.com will have already collected payment for the order, we will hold the funds in escrow until the work is completed, and act as an intermediary if any issues arise. The good news for artists is that the work has already been paid for by the buyer, so you’ll never have to worry about completing work and not getting paid. Buyers and artists can both benefit from getting introduced to each other through the site, and possibly work together in the future without us acting as an intermediary.


Q: How can I submit an art package with a royalty payment pricing option? 

A: We are always on the lookout for larger bundles of art that could be considered for a royalty payment option. For a developer to be interested in entering into a royalty agreement, the art would have to standout both in quality, uniqueness and of course quantity. Developers won’t want to give back a portion of sales for using one or two pieces of art. If the majority of their app could feature your work, that is when a royalty plan should be considered. Plans can be created on a sliding scale to offer an incentive to buyers to purchase the art outright for a higher price, or at a lower price with tiers of royalties.  For example…

 Art Package with 15% royalties on gross revenue from a single app: Price $49
Art Package with 5% royalties on gross revenue from a single app: Price $99
Art Package with 2% royalties on gross revenue from a single app: Price $199
Art Package with NO royalties – for use in a single app: Price $299
Art Package with NO royalties – for use in 2-10 apps: Price $499

Get in touch with us if you think your art should be looked at for a bundle option with a royalty provision.

Q. How can I combine together artwork into a bundle and set special pricing. 

A. Use the usual Submission form in your dashboard and find the section regarding Bundles. Enter each URL of the product you want to bundle and we will create it for you. You do not need to upload any extra downloadable assets, but you can submit a Featured Image, Description and any other details you want to add specifically for the bundle.

Q. Can I remove my art for sale?

A. Sure. If a buyer makes a mega-hit app with your work, it might be time to discuss legally changing over ownership of the art to the buyer (for a fee), or entering into a partnership agreement to share ownership, in which case, both parties would probably want to remove the art for sale here.  Get in touch with GameArtPartners if art needs to be removed.

Q: Is the art for sale on this site royalty free? 

A: Unless noted otherwise, yes. You’ll pay a one-time fee for use of the artwork in a single app or multiple apps depending on the license.

Q: If I would like to get in touch with the artist I bought work from, how can I? 

A: If the artist you purchased from is open to freelance inquiries that is usually noted on their sales pages. If so, contact instructions are delivered after the purchase.  If you can’t find that info after your purchase, simply contact us.

Q: Can I use the artwork I’ve purchased somewhere other than a game or app? 

A: Our paid licenses are specifically intended for use in digital media, such as an online game or mobile app. Using the art in promotional materials for the app or game is allowed, for example, as part of the App Icon or Featured Images of the app. If you intend to use the work in vastly different way, please get in touch with GameArtPartners. For example, if you are writing a programming book and need graphics for print, that would require a different licensing agreement.

Q: I bought some art! Am I the copyright holder now?  

A: Of course not. The artist is always the copyright holder, you are simply licensed to use the art in your own work (see the full license here). So if the artist creates a hip Hedgehog character, and you create an app called “Sloggy the Hedgehog” which becomes the next biggest hit in the App Store, then you’ll probably want to secure the property for uses other than just an app and remove it for sale here.  To inquire about a transfer of ownership of any art, you will need to contact GameArtPartners.



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