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A protagonist game art character with 34 animations. Great for adventure games, platformers, endless runner and more!

This Fire & Smoke pack contains 10 amazing realistic effects.

A shadowy character great for adventure games, platformer, runner, stealth and more! 

Game effects for Action, Fantasy, Fighting, adventure, or games with similar themes.

Great zombie assets for side scrolling games.

The Prisoner, a 2D enemy character sprite for side scrolling games

A beautiful handpainted ice cave background set for your games or apps.

Well drawn and animated, this is perfect for your next 2d “metal slug – like” games!

A set of 5 animated monster characters for your next app or game.

This pack contain 5 amazing, realistic Game Effects. 

A royalty free knight character, great for side scroller apps / games.

A collection of 10 Special effects exported into animations. 

All Explosions effects are rendered into 20 frames of eye-sizzling, loopable animations.

A cute turtle character for 2D side scrolling game!

Perfect for hero in your next 2D side scrolling kingdom themed games!

A cute animal character for 2D side scrolling game!

This pack is suitable for 4-Directional Game, shooting games, running games, platform games, and side-scrolling games.

This pack contain 5 amazing, realistic types of Game Effects. All Game Effects in 12 frames animated Sprite sheets manner. Format PSD and PNG Single Frame 256x256 px. Sprite sheet…

A collection of 16 Religious theme base Divine effects exported into loop-able animations.

This pack contain 5 amazing, realistic types of Game Effects.

A butt-kicking, curly haired character ready for your next app or game.

A slick, green haired character. Makes a great protagonist for your next game.

A cool, blue haired dude with over 40 animation sequences for your next app or game.

Cute Gui Kit is a Brighly colored and clean, mobile-friendly game UI pack containing everything necessary to complete the design of a cool online game.

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