Jughead – Military Character Art

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

“We’re going to war! Kill anything with a CPU! Kill anything that looks like a CPU!”… Jughead hates robots, if you can’t tell. They killed his parents and now he’s enlisted to get his revenge. What Jughead doesn’t know is that his parents just aren’t returning his phone calls. They’re fine. But regardless, there is a Mech War coming.

The Jughead 2d game art character package is ready to be dropped into any app and begin his campaign of unnecessary revenge.

Animation Included

This game art package includes 1x and 2x PNG animated sequences for…

  • Idle
  • Walking
  • Firing from Idle
  • Walking and Fire
  • Walking (aimed down)
  • Walking and Fire (aimed down)
  • Jump
  • Jump and Fire
  • Damaged
  • Defeated
  • Toss Grenade from Idle (Special Attack)
  • Toss Grenade from Jump
  • Climbing

.Atlas Files

This package includes .atlas folders to make it easy to drop the png sequences into Xcode and start using them in your iOS apps right away.

Fantastic Worlds Starter Kit Files

For buyers of CartoonSmart’s Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, we’ve even included a Property List file to copy and paste the entire Character dictionary which references each set of .atlas folders. This Property List also includes dictionary settings for the character’s gun and grenade (both with limited and unlimited ammo). This makes it incredibly easy to copy and paste everything into the kit and get started slinging grenades right away.


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File Formats:
Adobe Flash | PNG Sequences (1x and 2x) | Texture Atlas Folders | Fantastic Worlds Property List File
Animation Sequences:
walking, idle, idle attack, idle shoot throw, walk shoot, crouch walk, crouch shoot, dying, climbing, hurt, jumping, jump and shoot, jump and throw

Purchase Options:
Lifetime access through Game Art Partners. Download instantly.

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