Lava Station – Platformer Tileset

  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art
  • Royalty free game art

The year is 2045. Molten hot lava is the last un-synthesizable resource on the planet, and businesses are racing to mine the last of it.  If that sounds like the slug line to your next app, well boy are you in luck. This free collection of lava-themed game art is really up your alley. It includes moving platforms, lava falls, animated lava pits, foreground and background art, in-game collectible items like gold, grenades, crates, health packs, and there’s TONS more. Why am I telling you, there’s images of everything. And you can break up / combine the art in Flash to create hundreds more elements and dozens of interesting levels. You’ll receive…

  • Adobe Flash CC files (vector based source art)
  • 1x, 2x and yes, 3x PNG Exports
  • .xcassets folder, for easy import of the png files into Xcode*
  • Texture Atlas Folder for animated game elements (lava, lava-falls, doors, and more)*
  • Tiled, .tmx files which contain many of the elements already imported*
  • Property List file*

*These files can be used with the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit to play this level within minutes of downloading. Buyers of the kit can simply drag and drop in most elements and copy properties from the plist to play the level almost instantly.

If you would like to include this artwork in any free derivative works (for example, to give away the art in another asset package, please attribute as the creator).

For commercial work, no attribution is needed, but please purchase the insanely affordable commercial version.

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  • File Formats: Adobe Flash | 1x, 2x, 3x PNG Sequences | Tiled (.tmx) | Property List | Xcode Assets Catalog
  • Animation Sequences: Lava, Lava fall, conveyor belt, door opening, door closing
  • Video Example: Watch Now!
  • Artist is For Hire: No, thanks.
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