A collection of 5 Heart effects exported into smooth animations.

A collection of 7 effects exported into smooth animations. All Portal effects render into 24 frames of eye-sizzling Loopable animation and have been exported to sprite sheets PSD and PNG sequences. Single frame dimensions are 300x300 and sprite sheet pixel dimensions 1800x1500 px Separate Frames sequences in PNG formatted also included.  

Complete set for a JUNK "sci-fi Post apocalyptic environment" or even "realistic current environment" More than 30 hand painted assets, includes many variations for the same art assets to expand possiblities of settings The sprites can be ajusted freely to give more an art style to your game/app You also will find more than 70 animated assets under the form…

A great female hero for any Shooting game, Running Game, or Platformer.

13 excellent animations of a Skater Kid

This "Bussiness Man Cartoon 2D Game Character Sprite" is for developers who want to create their mobile game apps for IOS and Android games and need Game Character Spritesheets for their projects.

This pack is suitable for shooting games, running games, platform games, and side-scrolling games.

Sold separately these bundles would be $149

12 ship parts with 3 color variations to create your own ships in vector format and png exports