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Mech Destroyer Royalty Free Game Art is Here

Justin here,  with the first of many Mech-themed game art characters. This one I’ll call The Destroyer, because well, why not. It probably destroys stuff.  This bad boy includes animation sequences for idling, walking, firing, throwing, firing a bigger secondary weapon, colliding, damaging, defeating, and customizable to plenty more. Buyers will get the Adobe Flash files to create any animations they need.

This product also includes property lists, atlas folders (with png exports) and everything else you need to simply drag and drop assets into the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, and have this game art character magically attack your app’s protagonist (with up to three weapons).

You can find out more at the official sales page here.

Destroyer Mech - Royalty Free Game Art

Destroyer Mech – Royalty Free Game Art



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