Samurai Rat Game Art Character

The Samurai Rat is here!

Just don't call him Splinter. He hates it when people do that. This royalty-free 2D game art character is ready to slice and dice with the following [...]
2D Game Art Character - Executioner

Executioner – 2D Game Art Character or Enemy

Our latest piece of 2D game art is the Executioner character  from artist, Daniel a.k.a. EatCreatures. This bad boy would make a great end-level boss with [...]

Role Playing Games Character Bundle of Royalty-Free 2D Art Assets

As you can see from the jam-packed image above GameArtPartners has a huge new bundle of 30 incredibly fun RPG style characters for your next game or app. [...]
Royalty Free Game Art Character

Mech Destroyer Royalty Free Game Art is Here

Justin here,  with the first of many Mech-themed game art characters. This one I'll call The Destroyer, because well, why not. It probably destroys stuff.  [...]
Super Sprite Bundle 3

Super Sprite Bundle 3

The Super Sprite Bundle 3 is now available! This royalty free game art collection contains, well, too many assets to count, but its a compilation of [...]

Game Art Partners is officially ready!

Justin from CartoonSmart here, announcing that GameArtPartners is officially open!  This site will specialize in selling, wait, can you guess... game art! But [...]