Preparing your art assets to sell can be incredibly easy. It won’t take much more work than moving a few things into folders and zipping everything into a single zip file. We do have some tips though so everyone can enjoy your purchase…

Use Common Sense Folder Organization

Imagine if you bought an item from the site. How would you want your first impression of the product to be? Disorganized and thrown together? Of course not. So please organize all assets into common sense folders. Below is a great example…


Nice right! And while that preview image looks small, those buttons were actually exported at our 300 dpi (large enough to copy and paste from, and scale down to whatever size the developer requires).


 Speaking of Resolution

If your artwork is vector-based, be sure to include the original vector files. This way your developer can export at any size they require. You can also become well-liked among buyers by exporting artwork to high resolution PNG files. In some cases, this might just be a sheet of artwork (like the example above), but ideally, try to export as many files as you can to single documents, at 300 dpi.

Naming Conventions

Try to avoid using spaces or odd characters in file names, as those can sometimes confuse programs that import in artwork (especially sequential frames of artwork). If you’ll be exporting 1x (non Retina) and 2x (Retina) versions of files please include the @2x naming convention. For example…  ball.png and ball@2x.png  …. versus ball.png and ball_HD.png.

Or simply include different folders for different sizes. For example, Small, Medium, Large

Dropbox or Google Drive us the Assets (no .rar files please!)

Our submission form has a field to enter the URL of where your file is located. This could be a Google Drive or Dropbox link. We then transfer the files to our lightning fast AWS account. This will save you from having to upload a large file via a form and gives you the option to use an FTP program to upload. Just please don’t password protect the file or delete the zip file until your listing has been made approved and live. Once approved you can delete the zip files on your end.

Do not give us .rar files. The Mac hates those!


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